Romantic Weekend Getaways in Paris

It won't be wrong to say that Paris is synonymous to Romance, in fact, in more ways than one. A mere 2 hours from London, this romantic destination has everything to cater all the needs of you and your partner. There is a hell lot to do in a nice romantic weekend getaway in Paris than going around and watching Eiffel tower (Surely it is a must!) Check our one day in Paris Itinerary below and get the apt insights on how to make your weekend in Paris super romantic.

Start off with the most popular places in the city that are a must see in Paris in weekends (romantic ones). Go to Musee d'Orsay and admire the building and what it has in store for you. The architecture located on The Seine really gives it the romantic touch to boost up the atmosphere. You can further the tour to Eiffel tower to get the best of Paris in Weekends. The place becomes very crowded on weekends so you can avoid it if you are seeking quiet moments to spend together.

In case you are skipping it, Musee du Louvre will be a great option to visit especially if you both share an affable affinity for arts and music. The renowned fortress is known for its Baroque architecture that comes alive in nights with musicals and performances. 


Since you are going on sightseeing on your 1 day trip in Paris, Notre-Dame Cathedral which is one of the imposing structures in the city is certainly something not to miss. The Gothic style cathedral is deemed to be a timeless beauty and will provide some moments of tranquillity for both of you to relish and enjoy. The spectacular view of the city from the top floor will only add to your romantic tryst.

Save the evenings for some relaxing moments in Luxembourg Gardens and admire the quietude and love for each other while relishing the sights of greenery around. If your day hasn't ended here and you are still wondering what to do in Paris for the weekend or where to visit in Paris on the weekend, go for a nice stroll along the scenery of river Seine. Not only it is the most popular in the world albeit the most romantic as well. There are around 37 bridges in the area that crosses the Seine with the Pont Alexandre III being a common one. The riversides are often dotted with numerous stalls and petite shops serving delicious delicacies to the visitors. Nosh on those delectable delights while revoking your love for each other.


Being the tourist hub that it is, Paris is home to all kind of hotels, from cheap hotels, budget hotels to luxury hotels, but it is always a wise decision to book them prior hand to avoid unnecessary hustles.


So here it is, our 1 day in Paris itinerary and budget that we have charted out in order to help with your Paris weekend vacation. Hope it has helped you with the necessary info you must have needed on how to spend a weekend in Paris romantically and entertainingly.

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